On Friday 23 November, 3 Bulkley are running a fundraiser for the WSPCA as their CSPE Action Project. They would like as many of the school community to participate. Read on for more information.

Hi everyone. we are from 3 Bulkley and for our CSPE action project were are fundraising for the WSPCA. The WSPCA stands for “Wicklow Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals”. For over a century they have sheltered, treated and fed abandoned animals. Donations to the WSPCA are used for medical treatments for the animals, vaccines, food, neutering and toys. For our fundraiser we are running a dog quiz and the cutest dog competition on Friday, 23 November at lunchtime. It is €1 to enter the dog quiz and 50cent to enter the cutest dog competition. We hope to see you all there.