Film_SchoolMonday 8th May: TY1 will do a film-making course all day and will use their own script, actresses, props and costumes to make a short film.



cinemagicMonday 8th May

TY2 and TY5 will participate in a Costume Design seminar with Louise Stanton, an event run by Cinemagic. location : Business Room 2 to 4pm.



Dress rehearsal on Monday night with Drama shows on Tuesday and Wednesday. Show begins at 7.30pm in the Mary ward APA. All welcome.

malvolioThursday 11th May

All TY students will attend a play ‘Malvolio’ in the Mermaid Theater 11am  to 12pm.


Friday 12th May

A group of TY students will be attending a seminar  – ‘Special effects make-up in Film’ – an event run by Cinemagic. Location : Old art room (under St Columba’s). 10 am to 1pm