Meet our senior prefect team


Student Leadership

Being a student leader in Loreto Secondary School enables those involved to develop personally into effective leaders, it creates cohesion between the senior students and the rest of the student body and it aims to use the strengths of the senior leaders to benefit and inspire our younger students. The engagement of the student voice in actions and decisions which shape their learning environment is at the centre of our leadership structures.


Our Student Leaders

Isibeal Boylan

Deputy Head Girl

Emma Johnson

Head Girl

Caoimhe Ryan

Deputy Head Girl

S E N I O R  P R E F E C T S  W I T H  S P E C I A L  R E S P O N S I B I L I T I E S

Laura Molloy
Culture Prefect

Tess Blunden 
Environment Prefect

Tasha Byrne
Social Awarness Prefect
Hollie Kane
Sports Prefect

S E N I O R  P R E F E C T S

Lily Blunden

Tasha Byrne

Stacey Corpuz

Emma Costello

Kim Demery

Zara Di Tofano

Ciara Doyle

Alyssa Feliciano

Eabha Fennema

Katie Greene

Abbie Guerin

Eva Hanley

Rachel Hawthorne

Sarah Ivory

Sarah Ivory

Alannah Kearns

Hollie McKenna

Laura D. Murphy

Aoife Murphy

Emily Murray Nelson

Abigail Murray

Maeve O’Brien

Sabrina O’Brien

Sorcha O’Connell

Yasmin Phibbs O’Connor

Emma Prendergast