Every year we celebrate the founding story of the Loreto Order, and the remarkable life of Mary Ward. This year we are doing so during a global pandemic but the tradition of the Mary Ward values, sincerity, freedom, justice, truth and joy  that underpin our school community, have never been more needed, or more obviously present here in Loreto Bray. Our prayer is of course for all in our Loreto Community around the world, but it is also a prayer for our global community and a reminder that we are connected in many more ways than we can ever imagine.

We pray for all who struggle during these unprecedented times.
We ask your blessing on those who look after the sick, especially in our hospitals and nursing homes; we pray for all carers and for those who support people in so many ways in our community and we give thanks for their unselfishness.
We ask your blessing on all of our students around the world, many of whom are currently learning online, safe in the knowledge that their teachers and families will continue to guide and support them.
We ask for your blessing on all in positions of leadership, guide them in justice and in truth to make wise decisions.
We thank you Lord, for the many blessings the vision of Mary Ward has brought in transforming the lives of young people through education, may this legacy continue to live on for generations to come.
We make our prayer through Jesus Christ.