Loreto Network Newsletter

Loreto Network Education Committee E-Newsletter

Some years ago, a Loreto network newsletter was circulated regularly in Loreto primary, secondary and community schools. This publication celebrated life in Loreto schools, allowed for an interchange of ideas and practices, encouraged collaboration and fostered a sense of belonging to the Loreto family. The Loreto Network Education Committee, recognising the benefits of such a publication and the ease at which material can now be circulated efficiently and cost effectively on-line, decided to revive this initiative and is now publishing an annual eNewsletter for dissemination to whole school communities.   The thematic format was inspired by a recent reflection of Pope Francis on the goals of Catholic education. We should teach three languages – those of the head (intellect), those of the heart (affection/emotions) and those of the hands (activity).  This eNewsletter is a compilation of stories from Loreto schools, including Loreto Bray illustrating how we are attempting to address these goals.