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Loreto Bray, with the enthusiastic support of the Loreto Bray Parents’ Association, has built up a well stocked, well catalogued school library which is available for student and teacher use. In Spring 2011 a number of computers have been added to the library facilities to assist students in their research work for programmes such as History, Geography and Religious Education

On a day-to-day basis the library is run by the Fifth Year Library Monitors who have been trained in the use of the Library computer system. The staff Library Committee oversees the general management of the school library.

The library is opened on set lunchtimes for general student use. The Junior and Senior Book Clubs also meet in the school library on a fortnightly basis.

Our Careers Library – adjacent to the main library – is also available to students wishing to research possible career paths.


The Loreto Bray Library

“A room without books is like a body without a soul” and the same can be said for a school, because a school without books is like a school without soul but our school has plenty of soul!

Our library has been revamped, reinvigorated and recharged so that it has become the fulcrum of our school community, it is not only loaded with contemporary fiction, classic and non-fiction books, it is a space where students can do research, play board games and of course, relax with a good book.

Every month our library team launch a new theme with activities, games and competitions centred around that theme with a view to encouraging a love of reading. In September we had our Banned Books Day which involved an epic scavenger hunt. It saw an excited gaggle of students running frantically around the school, following clues in order to win the prize and find the keys to release the banned books which had been locked up. Not only were both staff and students enthralled with the amount of books that had been banned, it also demonstrated the importance of freedom of speech and the press.

October was naturally Halloween themed and our library team launched a short story competition where we called on all our budding writers to get the creative juices flowing and unleash their inner Stephen King to write an original and unique horror story. After mulling through all the entries for a long time, our judges made the difficult decision to choose the winners which were: Freya Rothwell for the juniors and Helena Brady for the seniors. We made sure they signed their stories, so we can have originals when they become famous!

The second term saw the school community get involved in a massive game of book bingo which involved students racing to meet a number of literary challenges within a tight deadline. We were overwhelmed by the participation and by how many students accepted the challenge and completely exceeded all our expectations.

With the arrival of the New Year, we challenged students to “branch out into a new book” and displayed all our student recommendations around the library walls. Our plan for the rest of the academic year is to embrace World Book Day by assigning certain countries to year groups to encourage them to read outside their comfort zones. For Poetry Day we will run a Haiku competition and we’ll round up the literary activities for the year with Drop Everything and Read games.

2018 also saw the launch of the new student role of Book Club Captain: Karen Megannety. She will be responsible for the marketing and PR for the junior book club, this is new role of student responsibility and we are very excited to see how she models and shapes the role for all the future Book Club Captains coming up the ranks!