Library Events

March/April Events

Our theme for the Literacy this year is to  encourage reading for all, to remind people of the joy of reading and we’ve started lots initiatives that are aimed at encouraging families to read together. Ultimately, we are trying to promote the positive elements of reading.

After a whole school election, the students voted to elect Cecilia Ahern as our representative author and The Gift was selected as the novel.

We are trying to promote the idea with local businesses and Dubray Books have kindly put the novel on special offer to help get us going. 


Tea Talks: Every Tuesday 1.15pm (bring your own mug!)

November Library Events

Thursday 15  – Quentin Blake Inspired Illustration Event

Thursday 22  – Roald Dahl Super Quiz!

Friday 30 – Invention Prototype Deadline!

October Library Events

2 October – Unsolved mysteries

9 October – Urban legends

19 October – Ghost Stories

23 October – Edgar Allen Poe-try

Story Competition 11 October

1.15 pm in the Library, prizes available

Pumpkin Design Competition

Create a literary character from a pumpkin! (Closing date 16 October.)

Halloween Themed Comic Strip Competition (Closing date 24 October)

Scavenger Hunt Friday 26 October 1.15pm