Eat Well, Get Moving!

First Year Healthy Lunchbox Competition Results

Second Year Healthy Eating Gallery

Eat well, get moving!

What should you put in a healthy lunchbox?

Wholemeal bread and cereals

Meat and meat alternatives

Fruit and Vegetables

Dairy Products

Shopping list suggestions

cherry tomatoes, peppers, carrots, radishes, cucumber, broccoli, lettuce (salad)


grapes, melon, apples, bananas, berries

tuna, salmon, mackerel, sardines

chicken, ham

nut butter, hummus

pitta bread, bagels, crackers, tortilla wrap, pasta, cooked rice, couscous

yogurt, cheese, milk, eggs

Make your own combinations. Keep an eye out lunch ideas once term starts. Ideas for soups will appear later. Leftovers from dinners can be brought to school in thermos boxes. 

Replace throw away plastic water bottles with a reusable bottle. There are many now on the market which will take both hot and cold drinks. 

Buy a lunch box with sections, your food will travel better. 

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