2020 - 2021 Academic Year

Friday 2 July

Letter to First Years end of June

Letter to Second – Sixth Years end of June

Thursday 20 May

Letter to Third Year Parents/Guardians

Letter to First, Second, Fourth and Fifth Year Parents/Guardians

Letter re Appointment of Acting Deputy Principal

5th Year Student Return to School Form  (To be completed before Tuesday 4th May 2021)

Letter to Parents re 5th Yr online school 28_4


Link for the Parental Declaration for 1st, 2nd, 3rd & TY students returning to school on 12th April


Friday 26 March – Letter for First, Second, Third and Transition Year Parents/Guardians

Thursday 11 March – Letter for Fifth Year Parents/Guardians

Thursday 25 February – Letter for Sixth Year Parents/Guardians

Letter for Third Year Parents/Guardians

Letter for Sixth Year Parents/Guardians


Fifth Year Subject Choice presentation

LCVP Powerpoint presentation

LCVP Presentation video

TY Presentation video

TY Powerpoint presentation

letter to 3rd yr parents re Sen Cycle meeting Feb 2021

letter to TY parents re LC Options meeting Feb 2021


Parent Letter re continuing online tuition January 29

Letter re Appointment of Deputy 27-1-2021

6th Year Provisional Mock Timetable

3rd Year Provisional Mock Exam Timetable

1st, 2nd  & 5th Year Parents/Guardians re Exams 15 Jan

TY Parents/Guardians re Exams 15 Jan

6th Year Parents/Guardians re Mocks 15 Jan

3rd Year Parents/Guardians re Mocks 15 Jan

Letter to parents 8-1-2021

Online Timetables

First Year

Second Year

Third Year

Transition Year

Fifth Year

Sixth Year

Board of Management Information 

Board of Management Nominations 2020