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Last week was another busy week for sports. Victories for our Junior & Senior Hockey teams, a debut for our 1st Year Gaelic team, a great win for our under 15 soccer team & East Regional silver for our under 16 basketball team 👏👏👏


Commiserations to our under 16 basketball team who battled all the way to the end with @MTSports72 holding on to win by 4.

We look forward to the All-Ireland last 16 after Christmas.

#weareproudofyou 🥈🥈🥈

Well done to Sofia and Maja,4th Year & Alexandra and Rachael, 5th Year who participated in the @SoroptiTweet Public Speaking Competition last week.

Sofia was the overall winner and Rachael finished second. Both have qualified for the regional final in Wexford in January👏 👏


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Weekly Reflection



Have you ever thought of how you want to be treated by other people? Jesus often
thought about this question. He believed that everyone deserved to be treated with
kindness, justice and respect. Jesus taught his followers to do good for one another, by
caring for each other, by making peace, and being fair and just with others. Jesus
taught his followers to treat all people equally with love and respect. In choosing this
Word today, you have the chance to sit and reflect on how you want people to treat you
and how you treat others.


Pause now and be still… Think of the ways you like people to treat you… How does that
make you feel or think about yourself? During this quiet time now, and in the days to
come, think of someone you feel you could be treating with more care and respect…
Think of ways in which you can do good for them…and try to do so as soon as you can.


To treat others the way you want to be treated by them.