Dec 20

The Loreto Butterfly

Christmas is a great time for most people and I really look forward to it every year but that’s not the case for everyone. So my class, TY1, decided that amidst all the festivities and fun we could make something for those who are not and will not be having such a good holiday.

With the help of our form teacher, Ms McHugh, we created the Loreto Butterfly. We all cut out lots and lots of small paper butterflies from different coloured sheet of paper and then created the shape of a giant butterfly on the Social Awareness notice board. We then left the remainder of the butterflies at the board so that people could write the name of a loved one who is no longer with them, something they are worried about and any other concerns they may have and add them to the butterfly. In a way, leaving that worry behind them for the day.

It makes me feel very happy to see people adding items to the notice board every day when I walk past. I truly hope we have made someone feel a little less lonely or upset this Christmas time.

Áine Sheridan