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The Student Council was set up in 1998. Among the many projects completed by the Student Council are:

Surveying students to formulate a  Student Code of Standards, (2000 and review in 2008)

Development of the Student Council Constitution,

Health Awareness Campaigns ( No Smoking, Healthy Eating, Alcohol Awareness )

Consultation re “Politics and Society”,

Multicultural Festivals,

Publishing a Multicultural Cookbook ,

Attending Annual Seminars for Student Councils in Loreto Post-Primary Schools,

Holding many charity fundraising events,

Power of positivity week.



The Loreto philosophy states that we should try to make Loreto schools places where “young people feel allowed to experience the exercise of appropriate responsibility” and “positive critical reflection is developed”

Through their participation in the Student Council students learn how to represent their classes, discuss issues, make proposals, tease out problems, explore alternatives, review decisions, use the democratic process to bring about change and work together for the betterment of the school community.