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Chairperson- Siobhan Robinson
Secretary- Ciara Douglas
Treasurer- Mary Foley

Any queries or suggestions can be sent by to email to : loretoparents@gmail.com

or by post to:

The Secretary
Parents Association
Loreto secondary School
Vevay Road

Meetings take place at 8pm in the school usually on the first Monday of each month during the school year. Any parent or guardian is welcome to attend our meetings or volunteer time and support for our projects.

Year Reps.:

The following is a list  of six parents , each the parent of a student in the year group they represent.  You should have contact details on our annual letter to parents. They can also be contacted via the schools office at 01 286 7481. Please let your rep. know if you have queries or suggestions of a general nature but it is important to note that we do not deal with individual complaints.  Any such complaints should be directed to the Principal Mr Lorcan Byrne.Year reps change on a yearly basis.

Year        Name of Contact
1st            Lorraine Hayes
2nd           Marie Flanagan
3rd           Tara Mullen
4th           Deirdre Blanckensee
5th           Sheila Jackson
6th           Pauline Duffy