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About Loreto PA

Welcome to the Parents Association of Loreto Secondary School Bray. We represent all the parents/guardians of girls attending Loreto Bray.

The Association’s role is defined in the Education Act, namely to ‘promote the interests of the students, in co-operation with the board, Principal, teachers and the students of that school’.
To assist with the smooth running of the organisation, a committee is elected each year as follows:

Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer. The school Principal attends as well as a Parent Representative from the Board of Management.

Aims Of The Parents Association:

  • To foster a spirit of co-operation between Parents, Teachers & School Management
  • To provide a channel of communication between Parents, Teachers and School Management
  • To provide a forum for discussion on issues of interest or concern and an opportunity to raise such items
  • To manage the Fundraising activities on behalf of parents for utilisation as determined by the Board of Management
  • To undertake appropriate initiatives for the benefit of the School and Students


Along with the voluntary contributions, this provides valuable additional funds to compensate for the   financial constraints the school faces on an ongoing basis.

Funds raised over the past few years have assisted in the purchase of:

  • new library stock
  • Interactive White Boards

In recent years fundraisers have included Book Fairs, Pub Quizes, Bag Packs & Social Nights. We are always looking for new, imaginative and enjoyable ways of raising funds and welcome any suggestions. 

Work Days
This is an essential component of our work, as there are always areas of the school campus requiring upgrade or maintenance.

Our efforts, in partnership with the Principal and teaching staff, have succeeded in enhancing the school conditions for all the students.  To date, we have successfully :

  • refurbished the school library including a computerized borrowing facility.
  • refurbished a Music  room and installed new computers
  • enhanced many of the classrooms and common areas with our painting projects
  • made improvements to school entrance and gardens
  • installed twenty two new whiteboards and e-beams, bringing the classrooms right up to date with digital technology.

School Policy
There is a  forum for discussion and feedback on  school policies which affect student welfare and teaching/learning. Parents are made aware of changes   to  school policy or introduction of new ones. e.g. uniform, schoolbooks, sports fixtures etc. Some working groups are occasionally formed to complete projects as need arises.

Other Activities
Members also organise:

Catering for events such as annual Graduation Mass for 6th Years and Debs
‘Mock’  interviews for school leavers.
Student Quiz before Christmas
A Secondhand School Book/Uniform Sale commenced in June 2011.

Links are maintained with the Student Council as well as The Loreto School Network of Ireland


This takes place in September of  each Year with an invited speaker to increase awareness around topical issues such as Internet safety and Study Skills