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Freshers Day

As in previous years, in early September our Senior Prefects and Student Council organised Freshers Day. Freshers Day offers every sport, club and extra-curricular activity the opportunity to present their particular area of interest to the wider school community.

Freshers Day took place during lunchtime and students – particularly first year students new to our school – were given the opportunity to visit the displays and stands prepared by our school clubs and sporting activities. The enthusiastic students who ‘manned’ each stand advised on the benefits of signing up to their particular extracurricular activity. Sign-up sheets were available at each stand. Fun demonstrations and activities such as taking penalties against teachers added to the ‘buzz’ of Freshers Day.

If you missed a sign-up on Freshers Day simply speak to the Coach or organiser of the activity that interests you. He/she will be glad to let you know how to register for that particular sport or club.